Ameera Essabar

Yellow light: a glow of hope, candlelit sky, and burning desire,
What we do not know is why we long to reach higher.
To feel something other than sorrow,
Searching for warmth — a mere comfort to borrow.

Looking for love, but not knowing it yet,
Constantly thinking, “I wish I would no longer fret.”
To be happy is all I seek in this life,
Yet everything that is gold soon experiences strife.

I see you in each sunrise and sunset, smiling from afar,
Since you left, each new memory made feels bitterly subpar.
I fear being seen as simple, and breaking away,
But what would be so unfortunate in that — what reason do I have to stay?

I often seek escape: a yearning to dissolve,
Then, when I wake up again, this sin of mine is once again absolved.
I used to fear death, but now I fear life,
Because at least death is permanent, and entails a glimpse of paradise.

Life is repetition, a prison of time,
We are trapped in its steady pace, as if we have committed a crime.
Give me some ecstasy, give me something to feel,
I need to know that not everything is permanent, I need to know that not everything is real.

Nothing gold can survive when gold is merely our own lust,
Because, in truth, our bodies will one day turn to dust.
Picturesque views, and eternal love, and love, and love, are a lie,
If the one whom you love is the one who was destined first to die.

Visual by Nathalie Whitten

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