U of T Secrets: what is your biggest fear?


Nathalie Whitten
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This video was inspired by the work of a Youtube channel called Jubilee, which has posted a number of confessions-style videos in which participants read off the anonymous confessions of others. We made this concept our own by asking U of T students to send us their greatest fear through an anonymous form, and then asked other student volunteers to read them on camera.

I wanted to use “Greatest Fear” as the theme because as much as I believe that people are defined and measured by their dreams, talents, and passions, I also think that their greatest fears reveal a lot about who they are. Here at U of T, our student body is massive. Sometimes, it feels as though there is no single thing that unites everyone. But while we may all have different goals, interests, and backgrounds, through the things that touch our nerves we are surprisingly similar. Themes that kept reappearing in our form were those of isolation, failure, and victimization — plus classic phobias such as insects or darkness! By revealing these fears in a safe and anonymous environment, I hope to show how very different people can find connection through vulnerability.

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